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Boat won't start

Mercury MerCruiser

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Default Boat won't start

So, new to boating, but I can manage but way around an engine. Picked up a 1996 talari. It was running good. First time i took it out, I forgot the drain plug. Rookie mistake I'll never make again. It filled the engine compartment up with water. So took it home and drained it. It wouldn't start after that, just click. So I put new batteries and spark plugs in it. Then I changed the starter cause the water shorted it. Checked all the fluid levels. At home with the house on it, I started it up and fired up instantly. No problem. Let it run for a couple minutes, ran it up to 2000rpm. No sputtering or anything. Purrs like a kitten. That was on a Tuesday. Saturday I take it down to the water (40 minute drive) , it won't start. Turns over just fine. But never sounds like it fires, no catches or anything. To me it sounds like I'm not getting spark. I pulled the plug and I smell gas and the plug is wet with bad. So I think it's getting gas. I thought maybe it's flooded so I turned it over for a minute with no gas to it. I tried spraying starter fluid in it, no pop or catch, just sounded the same. Is there an electrical connection I'm missing? I checked all my breakers i think. I'm going to pull the spark plug and see if it gets any spark, I just have to wait for a friend to come over. Any other ideas? Between Tuesday and Saturday the only thing that changed was a bouncy car ride to the dock. Anywhere particular I talked look for loose connections? Appreciate the help.
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