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1995 Z275 and Chariot Trailer

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Default 1995 Z275 and Chariot Trailer

Can anyone tell me where we can get parts for our trailers my surge brakes need repaired and need some parts I am thinking of going to eletric brakes instead anyone do this not sure what axles are under or wieght on the boat itself any help would be great thanks all

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    Hi 272man,

    I've examined the 95 brochures and I can not find a 272 Cuddy, only the Bow rider, maybe my eyes are going.....

    The Bow rider weighted in at about 5650lbs before gas and Fuel cap. is 110 gal. If yours is indeed a Cuddy you can probably add 3 to 4 hundred pounds on top of the Bow rider.

    Now for the trailer, good news and bad news......

    Bad news: From what I've read, Chariot trailers was 50% owned by Mariah's owner, Jimmy Fulks and I don't believe they exist anymore either.

    Good news: Many of the parts on boat trailers are fairly standard. I would recommend a stroll through your local Yellow Pages for a trailer Parts/Repair shop. They should be able to find replacement axels, brakes and couplers.

    As for electric brakes, I think that's an excellent idea given the weight of your tow package (Boat, gas, gear and trailer = easily over 8000lbs). The benefits of electric brakes is they are an active system and work in tandem with your tow vehicle's brakes unlike surge brakes which only work after you've begun to slow down forcing your tow vehicle to do most of the braking. They also have the added benefit of being adjusted for the desired amount of braking from within the cab.

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    WetWilly's correct, Chariot Trailers was owned by Chariot Marine Fabricators and Industrial Corporation, which was also owned by Jimmy Fulks, who owned Mariah. Chariot was closed in late 1997. They made great trailers, that were custom made for Mariah boats, each one designed to fit the hull perfectly.

    However when Chariot went under, Prestige Trailers were the new trailers Mariah supplied from the factory. There are many similarites in the designs between the two, which leads me to believe they could have purchased the designs and blueprints from Chariot.

    I have a 2006 Venture trailer for mine, and the majority of the parts are made by Tie Down Engineering. However trailer parts are pretty universal. One place I'd recommend if you're willing to do the work yourself, is Eastern Marine Trailer Parts Superstore. They have great prices, and fast shipping.
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