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    Posts/General Content

    This is a "work/family safe" board. Non-"work safe" avatars, signatures, titles or posts will be deleted without notice.

    Avatars need to be rated G to PG. If it wouldn't be seen on primetime television, you shouldn't use it here.

    The public areas of the forum are rated PG-13. That means subject matter and language need to be suitable for a young teen of 13 or older.

    Ratings for "private" or "restricted" areas of the forum vary from area to area, but are a limited R rating at strongest. These areas contain posts that describe the rules for that individual area. If you do not see a rules post in an area, assume that the public areas, "PG-13" rating applies.

    Under no circumstances will ANY sexually explicit content be permitted on this forum. Zero Tolerance!

    Repeated violations of these rules may result in the loss of the ability to have an avatar, a signature or the ability to post in some or all sections. Please keep it clean and police yourself.

    Post in the correct area for your topic. Posts in the wrong section may be moved or deleted without notice at the discretion of the moderators.

    Advertising in the Club

    Vendor accounts are available for individuals and companies interested in advertising their Mariah-related or boating-related products to our members. Please Contact Us to learn about opportunities, pricing, and to create a vendor account.

    Any post made to "plug" a member's own products will be reviewed closely by the admins and mods. We reserve the right to modify, move, or delete posts that advertise and distract from the conversation. Members who appear to have joined the club with the primary or sole purpose to represent and sell their products and who do not have vendor accounts will see their posts deleted and those members potentially banned from the club. The admins and mods reserve the right to make this judgement on a case-by-case basis.


    Other clubs and organizations, please do not use this board to actively solicit membership for other clubs or organizations.

    Actively soliciting would be making every one of your posts related to your own personal club or organization. We do not mind if you mention your club or organization, in fact we encourage it, so long as it is in the appropriate section and is not spammed to every forum. We don't come to your board and fill it with posts about our club so please show us the same courtesy.

    If you cross the line between mentioning your club to actively recruiting, you will be warned once by the moderators. If you continue further, your posts will be regarded as spam and you will be banned accordingly. Please don't make us do this, because we really don't want to ban anyone.

    Discussion Topics

    This is a boating oriented board. Discussions of partisan politics, or religion have no place here. No one is going to convince anyone else to change their minds about anything and feelings always seem to get hurt, so lets just skip it all together. Commentary regarding current events will be tolerated, as long as it's in the General Chat >Chit Chat forum and remains civil, on topic and does not become a partisan discussion.

    The Mariah Owners Club Stance

    The Mariah Owners Club stands for Responsible and Safe Boating. Do not post regarding unsafe boating practices or marine ecosystem damage, unless it is to help stop the problem. If you do not know basic boating safety and pollution laws, then you are part of "the problem". We have a zero tolerance policy toward those who boat unresponsibly and in an unsafe manner.

    We will attempt educate posters about Basic Boating Safety, Marine Ecosystem Preservation, and National Standards for Pollution and Overboard Dumping. However, if you continue to advocate illegal acts, you will banned and your activity may be reported to the authorities. Ask about how to be part of "the solution", instead of being part of "the problem". Boating is something we can all enjoy responsibly. Don't be the bad apple that ruins it for all of us.


    Signatures may contain information about you or your boat or be completely unrelated to either. They may contain quotes or other statements, as long as those statements are in keeping with the other terms of service.

    You are strongly discouraged from placing partisan statements there like; "Vote Democrat" or "Jesus is lord". This is just not the place.

    Please keep signatures brief. Nothing slows down a thread like a monster signature that takes up half the screen. Therefore, images included in signatures will be resized by the Admins if they exceed a user-friendly size.

    Violations of the signature policies may result you losing your ability to have a signature at all.

    Custom Titles

    Custom Titles must be in keeping with the work safe/family safe theme of this forum. Custom titles must not mislead others to think you are a staff member, administrator, contributor, or that you otherwise hold a position that you do not actually hold. Violations may result in you losing the ability to have a custom title or in your being banned.


    Flaming will not be tolerated. Decisions about whether something is a flame will be made by the board moderators and will be final. Please keep the tone respectful, even if you disagree with something. If you can't be civil, don't visit or you will be banned. Good natured "ribbing" is one thing, but if it is designed to hurt or to demean, it is not okay. Show respect to your fellow Mariah Owners and you will be treated with respect in return. We are all out on the waters together so don't choose to hide behind your keyboard and make "off the cuff" comments that insult others and detract from the conversation.

    Non-Mariah Boat Owners

    Non-Mariah Boat Owners are welcome here. However, be forewarned that you may experience some good natured ribbing from the mostly Mariah oriented members.

    Changing Your Username

    Users CANNOT change their own usernames. It becomes confusing and it makes a mess of the database. Under rare circumstances, the administrator can and will change a username, but it is generally discouraged. As a rule, a user who convinces the admin to change their username will be required to have a line like "Formerly known as <old username>" in their signature for at least a week following the name change, so that other users can catch up on the change. Please choose a username and stick with it.

    Multiple Accounts

    Creation of multiple accounts will result in the user and all usernames/IP addresses and email addresses used being banned from the forum. If you have a genuine reason for needing to have two usernames from the same IP or for the same person, please speak to the administrator in advance to avoid having both accounts deactivated.

    Inactive Users/Usernames

    Usernames that have not been activated and usernames that have not shown any activity for one year will be deleted without notice.

    Reporting Posts

    In the lower left corner of every post, you will see the "Report This Post" icon that looks like this Post Reporting Icon

    If you see a post that you think doesn't belong on this forum, please click that button, enter your comments about why it doesn't belong and click the "Send Report" button. You will then be returned to the same spot you were at.

    When you do this, a thread is created in the moderator area that contains a link to the post you reported, a summary of the post, your reason for reporting it and some additional tracking details. From there, the mods can discuss the post and take any appropriate action or file it away for future reference.

    The mods will look at EVERY report, but not every report will result in visible action. This process is NOT anonymous, but the fact that you reported the post will remain confidential, known only to the moderators.

    Appropriate uses of this feature are spam posts, harassment, fighting, personal attacks, not work safe/family safe, etc. If you think it doesn't belong on the forum, then use this button.

    Inappropriate uses would be because you don't like the poster, disagree with what they posted, they got a detail wrong, etc.

    There is a balance to be had here. Use the tool to shape the forum. Don't use it to cry wolf. The mods will continue to act in the case of obvious problems, but if something is marginal, they likely will not take action unless the post is reported, to see where the members think the line should be. So, if you don't report something, maybe no one will... obviously posts that receive multiple reports from different people will catch the immediate attention of the mods. At the same time, if you misuse the tool, the mods are more likely to decide that you are the real problem. Use it wisely.

    So, help us decide what we want this forum to look like and what we want the atmosphere to be like. If it doesn't fit in with how you define that, push the Post Reporting Icon

    Contacting the Mods

    Complaints and comments regarding avatars, signatures, posts or other board related issues should be directed to the moderators via Private Message:

    Messages from the Admins/Mods

    These messages, either in the form of email or Private Message, are of a confidential nature and as such, are not to be forwarded. Often Moderator/Admin messages contain information that that is for only you or a specific group of members to read. Forwarding or otherwise redistributing these messages may result in being banned.

    Donating and Contributing Members

    Donations and Contributing Member status do not excuse you from abiding by the Terms Of Service. Donations are just that and are non-refundable in the event that you are banned temporarily or permanently. If you can't follow the rules, don't donate or better yet, don't visit. 

Do not represent yourself as a contributor,forum moderator, admin, or other official position unless you actually hold that title. This will result in your account being banned.

    Buying and Selling
    Buying, selling, or trading is permitted in the "Marketplace" section only, and is for Seller and Contributing members only. Posts in other sections will be considered to be spam and will be deleted.

    Buyers: Shop smart! Ask questions. Ask for photos and personal details. Ask around about the seller if they are not personally known to you. If the person is well known around the board, your odds of having a successful exchange are better than if the person selling is an unknown. Remember, if the deal seems too good to be true, it probably is.

    Sellers: Read the above. If you sign up and your first post is trying to sell something, expect to be met with some healthy skepticism. Reputation means everything in online exchanges. Do your part to ensure that deal goes smoothly. Provide contact information and personal details in case the buyer is not satisfied.

    Mariah Owners Club does not broker deals nor rate buyers and sellers. Buy and sell at your own risk. Since we cannot control the transaction, Mariah Owners Club is not responsible for deals gone bad. We will take action, up to and including banning those who have demonstrated bad faith in an exchange, but we cannot guarantee that any particular buyer or seller is trustworthy.

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