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EalahanK 03-19-2021 07:46 PM

Top Speed Prop
Best Top Speed prop for a Davanti Z225, 350Mag/Alpha1 combo with 1.47 gears.
Looking for a prop to use in Poker Runs - 15X15 prop today runs about 48 mph at WOT (4700 RPM)

mikeyt 03-19-2021 08:21 PM

Re: Top Speed Prop
Have you read the Stickys at the top of the Prop Talk section?

If i remember correctly the WOT rpm range for your motor is 4400 - 4800 so you are just about spot on in that range. You dont mention what kind of prop you currently run & how many blades it has. You could modify your current prop to increase the cupping on the blades, you could increase your pitch by 1" to 16" which might give you another mph or two (but at the cost of low end grunt) or you could spend some $$$ on a high end performance prop which already has the additional cupping and shape already done. It might be worth taking your prop and go see a prop specialist who could advise whether yours can be 'improved' or whether you need to spend some pesos.

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