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GaryDoug 05-08-2018 03:29 AM

Changed Smart Tabs to Bennett Bolt electric
I used the Smart Tabs on my Z202 for about a year and they did the job mostly. But I did want to be able to park them in the up position sometimes, especially when sliding the boat onto the boat lift slings. The tabs got in the way if the tide was low enough. I did not want to change the stainless tab planes by drilling new holes so I bought a Bennett hydraulic-to-electric actuator conversion kit.

My review is one of those in the Amazon link. Note the photos and wiring sketch.

I kept the same tab planes in their original positions. I installed the electric actuators and ran the cables up the back of the transom instead of following the instructions, which had the wires going through the transom below the water level. I had to drill mounting holes in the planes for the actuator mounts. The relay module in the kit allows me to park the planes automatically when turning off the ignition switch. I did have to modify the cables and install a Bennett switch on the console. So far, so good. At first I struggled to adjust the planes without any visual indicators but have adapted to doing it by feel and that works well.

If you are wondering why I bought this kit instead of just the parts, the kit was cheaper than the parts.

Motoxxx43 05-08-2018 06:56 PM

Re: Changed Smart Tabs to Bennett Bolt electric
Thats a great idea! I would have never thought of retrofitting one of those kits to the smart tab set up! Thanks for sharing!

shortedout96 05-21-2018 12:21 AM

Re: Changed Smart Tabs to Bennett Bolt electric
Do you have pictures of where you mounted your tabs. I have a 93 Z212 and there is only really place I see to mount them. Also did the smart tabs work good? Why did you convert to electric actuators?


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GaryDoug 05-21-2018 01:18 AM

Re: Changed Smart Tabs to Bennett Bolt electric
Like I stated in the post, I wanted to be able to "park" them up when unused and, even with the little levers they sell for that purpose, I would have to get in the water to reach those. I back the boat onto the lift slings by hand to keep the stern close to the dock and having the tabs up makes it easier.

There is a photo of them in the Amazon review I wrote. I am Gary and, at this time, it's the review at the top.
In retrospect I would have liked to mount the tabs about 1-2 inches inboard from where they are now in order to keep the tabs above the water flow when retracted fully. With them as shown, they are about 1/4" below the flow. They work fine for all purposes where they are now however. I did not order the indicator system because of the extra cost (about $300 more). After a day of practice, I can say that generally I would not need the indicators, as I use the tilt of the boat as my indication.

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