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    What is a Mariah Boat?
    The “Original” Mariah Boats were made from 1989-2001. Carrying the “Equipped Like No Other Boat in the World” slogan on each boat, they truly are luxury boats, in every aspect. Mariah sold bowriders, cuddy cabins, deckboats, and designed the first cuddy/bowrider combination boat.

    What about Service & Parts?
    Fortunately, any MerCruiser or Volvo Penta Service Facility is capable of repairing any sort of engine/outdrive problems. Many of the parts for Mariah Boats were made in-house at the plant in Benton, so replacing them becomes a challenge. However, parts have been known to occasionally pop up on the internet, and a listing of those parts & information is located Here in our Original Mariahs section of the Forum. Sea Fox Mariah does not carry any of the original Mariah parts.

    Who started Mariah Boats?
    Mariah Boats Inc. was started by Jimmy J. Fulks in his garage in 1989. In 1990, he had built a factory in Benton Illinois, and had 70 employees. By the mid 90’s, Mariah Boats had 500 employees, was capable of producing 5,000 boats annually, had 200 dealers nationwide, and had become one of the largest independent boat builders in the country. For more info click Here for the Mariah Boats Inc and Jimmy Fulks Biography section of the forum.

    Is Mariah still in business?
    Yes, and No. The “Original” Mariah Boats Inc. was closed on May 23, 2001. While the true reason for the plant closing still remains a mystery, there were union issues as well as financial problems that could have played a part in this. In 2002, Sea Fox Boats Inc. purchased the Mariah name, trademarks, and remainder of the fiberglass molds for boats up to 25ft. They have redesigned the boats, and have re-released Mariah Boats as an affordable entry-level boat.

    Where do I find a manual?
    This question gets asked a lot on the Mariah Owners Club. The short answer is that one does not exist, at least not a manual like the one that comes with your car. Mariah never made model specific manuals for their boats. We do have a combination of promotional materials and generic manuals that will hopefully help to answer your questions though. For owner's manuals, we have the following:

    Again, this is very generic, not model specific. It primarily covers general boating operation that would be covered in a boater's education course.
    This, along with many other great resources, are available to contributing members. Click here for more details on how to become a contributor and gain access to these materials and much much more.

    Where do I get replacement keys?
    Mariah Logo Keys are available in limited supplies from Craig Huggins at Kennedy Marine. More details and contact information can be found here: Original Mariah Logo Keys

    Where can I find replacement decals and graphics?
    Decals and graphics are available in limited supplies from Mike Eftink. More details and contact information can be found here: Original Mariah Graphics and Decals

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